Working With Babies and Children

Adults have long been aware that pregnancy and childbirth can be challenging experiences for mothers. In recent years we are becoming more and more aware just how challenging these experiences can be for babies as well, with profound physical and emotional consequences.

Emotional tension, stress and a myriad of normal and routine procedures occur at any birth. In the days and weeks following, those events may leave a traumatic effect on babies and their families.

Brain development, learning capacities, emotional stability, physical coordination, and self-esteem are all directly affected by the events experienced during gestation and birth. The ability to bond with our parents and to love and be intimate with others is shaped by our early life. Our relationships with food, money, sexuality, and how we cope with stress are all shaped during gestation and early childhood.

Birth is a very intense experience, which creates strong imprints on our children. In the past twenty years more psychologists, doctors, scientists, and body practitioners have recognized the amount of trauma that happens during birth and what impact it has on the child and the parents. As a result new approaches have been developed to help babies and their families work through the consequences of the trauma, helping all to heal.

Some things to look for that may indicate trauma has occurred:

  • Spacey eyes
  • Eyes don’t coordinate
  • Upset when body is in certain positions
  • Very easily upset with new people
    or circumstances
  • Baby’s body is very rigid or too relaxed much of the time
  • Strong startle response to sound
    or movement
  • Uncontrolled movements
  • Involuntary shaking or tremors
  • Constant weak or absent crying
  • Very high-pitched crying sounds
  • Inconsolable crying without apparent cause
  • Hypersensitivity to touch
  • Desire to not be held
  • Falling asleep when overwhelmed
  • Inability to grasp things with hands
  • Nursing and feeding difficulties
  • Colic
  • Arching of the back
  • Tense open hands
  • Excessive hiccups
  • Frequent gagging
  • Avoidance of eye contact

It is my privilege to work with children and babies when they are having trouble adjusting to new environments. Either as young children or adjusting to life outside the womb as newborns, they often experience emotional or physical upset. When working with children it is important to include primary caregivers in the therapy sessions. Babies and young children actively function within the energetic whole of the family.


“My son and daughter-in-law sought some help in understanding their newborn after a traumatic experience during the birth of their son. Everything turned out fine but the trauma had all three of them rattled. After a session with Judith they felt relieved and also felt they had a much better understanding of how their new baby boy might be feeling. That relief and understanding made them more relaxed and compassionate parents. My son said he was amazed at how his little baby responded to Judith and the 3-week-old baby seemed to be communicating with her. It was a life changing experience for all of them.” - Mary S. Tucson, AZ.

“The Process Workshop enabled me to see how happy I really am to be alive, it has given me a greater zest for living each day” -D.R., Washington, D.C.

“I was always waiting for my life to really begin. Doing this workshop I came into my feet in a new way and realized I had never in all my years felt I was fully here.”- F.T., Tucson, AZ

“I understand now why I had such a problem being on time for all sorts of things. After doing this workshop, I have a different approach and I am changing that pattern.”- P.T., Los Angeles, CA

“Doing this workshop has given me an understanding of and a handle on, my relationship with food. I have been able to put my life long struggle in perspective”. -M.S, Montana

“What I received in this workshop is invaluable to me, I can see how doing this work will have a positive impact on my relationships” -Anonymous

“Imagine getting to my age and just realizing what I’ve been carrying all my life! This has been an amazing vehicle for setting myself free.” -Anonymous

“A unique and deeply perceptive way of looking at yourself; beyond and beneath any therapeutic work you have ever done.” -Anonymous