Birth Process Work – Individual and Group

process workshop

Imagine living life free of the interior walls stopping you from being who you came here to be, the person you know you are deep inside. Imagine your life flowing easily and peacefully!

Are you ready to do something different in order to be that different self?

Birth work will assist you to unleash your potential and begin to really thrive in your life.

Birth Process Work stems from a growing body of research that confirms that your experiences, from conception through birth and early development, are primary contributors to the person you have become.

This work reveals and can then heal those links between your pre-natal / birth / early childhood experiences and the issues you are experiencing today, whether spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical.

Individual Sessions

Learn about and change your patterns for dealing with stress and trauma. Patterns established early in your life, which have unconsciously determined who you are in your relationships with yourself and others.

I gently support you in the healing of your early life traumas, whether it was experienced in the womb, during birth, or afterwards in that delicate early childhood period.

As you heal, you discover that you can change how you connect in all your relationships so that you actually can live more of the life you came here to live.

When we are born, impressions occur within the body and soul of the newborn. These impressions create lasting imprints in our physiology as well as our psyche. These impressions/imprints affect our future experiences, and influence development in every area of our lives —- physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual. I facilitate working with pre- and perinatal imprints for those who want to explore how those patterns of experience may be affecting their life, health and current relationships. This approach incorporates the use of inquiry, body awareness energy work, and biodynamic craniosacral therapy.

Group Work

I facilitate Birth Process Weekends in many places across the country. You can attend one by contacting me: you can also gather a group of interested people who would like to experience this weekend together.

The environment of the process workshop encourages exploration and healing with an understanding and compassion for our prenatal and birth imprinting. By connecting to this early layer of physical and emotional experience within a safe sustaining environment, there is the potential to change our bonding and attachment. Those changes bring clarification, ease, and transformation of early trauma and recurrent unproductive reactions.

In a small group setting, participants support each other in their exploration of issues of their choosing. (For example: somatic, early traumas, destructive habits, chronic ailments, relationship issues, etc.) As a result, everyone gets more choice around how they are in their daily lives and relationships, allowing participants to become open to loving experiences. The workshop is also suitable for adults who wish to prepare for conception and birth, as well as for those who wish to work on their own early traumas / life issues.

I create a safe space in an intimate setting. During the workshop I will guide each individual through a 1 ½ – 3-hour session, experienced within and supported by the group. You will discover it is possible to change deep-set patterns, working in a positive and nurturing environment, with all the support you need, to create lasting change for yourself.


“Judith’s birth workshop is so profound that participants can not only be guided to foundational trauma moments – that are outside of our ability to remember explicitly - but also be skillfully and compassionately guided by Judith in a healing experience, which then affects all the layers of trauma that got piled on top of that original one. When a person can heal the trauma set in during the time of conception, in utero, and birth, a person can take a whole new path into their future. And I have seen it again and again. Even years later I still have clients reflect back on their experiences with Judith’s Birth Workshop and be able to see how it transformed them.“ -Anne Scott-Markle, LCPC, Montana

“The Process Workshop enabled me to see how happy I really am to be alive, it has given me a greater zest for living each day” -D.R., Washington, D.C.

“I was always waiting for my life to really begin. Doing this workshop I came into my feet in a new way and realized I had never in all my years felt I was fully here.”- F.T., Tucson, AZ

“I understand now why I had such a problem being on time for all sorts of things. After doing this workshop, I have a different approach and I am changing that pattern.”- P.T., Los Angeles, CA

“Doing this workshop has given me an understanding of and a handle on, my relationship with food. I have been able to put my life long struggle in perspective”. -M.S, Montana

“What I received in this workshop is invaluable to me, I can see how doing this work will have a positive impact on my relationships” -Anonymous

“Imagine getting to my age and just realizing what I’ve been carrying all my life! This has been an amazing vehicle for setting myself free.” -Anonymous

“A unique and deeply perceptive way of looking at yourself; beyond and beneath any therapeutic work you have ever done.” -Anonymous