Philosophy of Healing


My understanding of how the body works and heals itself has been developed over my 30 plus years in the medical field, both allopathic and alternative. I have worked with clients / patients in a variety of settings and seen them do well or not, recover or not. I saw many years ago that the best recoveries happen for those who are willing to make changes in their lifestyle habits so as to include their bodies, minds, and spirits in the changes necessary to regain their health and well being. I work with the people who come to me so that they can see and understand the wisdom inherent in their own bodies. They come to understand the cues the body sends out to them through the dis-ease and dis-comfort they are experiencing. They learn a new way of being, driven by those cues, and regain their health and well-being and are able to live the active and engaged life they want.When you visit me at my office we talk about your history in a different way than most practitioners do. I’m not only interested in the literal and chronological events, they are of course important. I am also interested in what was happening in the whole of your life during the time surrounding the first experience of your symptoms, whatever they might be. I also believe the circumstances of your birth as well as your early life experiences play important parts in creating the physical body, mind, and spirit you have today. That information will be integral to your regaining full health, vitality and function. In a very real sense your biography becomes your biology.With the understanding that you are the center of your world and as such, have a unique perspective about what has been happening for you, I work hard at seeing your life through your eyes and point of view.With knowledge and experience from years studying the healing arts, and as a keen listener and an acute observer, I see lines of connections through your life, and help you to see them. These connections will lead us to what needs to happen for you to be where you need to be, in order to live the life you want for yourself.I make the effort to see the world as told in your story. The clues and keys to unlocking the health in your system, which lies buried under your symptoms, lie there within you and your life story. I am dedicated to assisting you with this your journey towards the health and vitality you want and so very much deserve.