What is Energy Medicine?
How does an Energy Practitioner work?


Judith with Dr. Victoria Maizes

Judith with Dr. Victoria Maizes

Every living organism is made up of and surrounded by a field of
energy. The field around the human body is also known as an aura, which flows around and through the body. The aura is organized by a system of energy centers called chakras (from a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”, for their circular shape and spinning action) and pathways of flow called meridians. During injury, illness, stress or trauma, the flow of energy throughout the aura becomes blocked, out of balance, or chaotic. Imagine an orchestra warming up before a concert. The chaotic sound you hear contains all of the notes of the music that will follow; the difference is in which notes are played with others and which instruments are playing together. When the orchestra begins to play, all of the elements come together under the guidance of the conductor. Harmony, coherence and resonance, in this example, are what distinguish chaos from order. In a healthy human system, energy that flows in an unimpeded and harmonious way throughout the aura supports and sustains each individual’s unique pattern of wellness.

Energy Medicine Practitioners use a variety of techniques to clear blocked energy, to impact the flow of energy, and balance the energy of the aura. Some of the techniques involve the use of the practitioner’s hands, while all of the techniques involve using the important skill of focused intention. The shared intentions (or resonance) of both the practitioner and the patient are the driving force that directs energy flow and brings about change in the patient’s pattern of wellness. The training of an Energy Medicine Practitioner has developed within them great skill in directing their personal energy flow and balance, as well as the capacity to focus their intention to levels that can bring about change in the energy field of their patient. As in the example above, it is the conductor that facilitates the organization of all of the elements of the orchestra, but it is certainly the focused intention of each musician that will create music. Energy Medicine Therapy is based on a heart-centered, caring, holistic approach that includes the desires and intentions of the patient to be healthy.

The practice of Energy Medicine forges a healing partnership between patient and practitioner. From this joint practice arises the encouragement of the entire physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body to integrate and express itself as a healthy, vibrant and integrated whole.

-B. Stein


"Judith is a gifted healer. I have been privileged to share many patients with her over the years and am delighted with the care they received." -Victoria Maizes MD, Executive Director Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, Tucson, AZ